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In May of 1959, the company RAMGUES, S.C.P. was founded, its activity being the hand-made manufacture of all types of spring. In 1962, the purchase of machinery suitable for the requirements of the time began: compression spring coiling machines, rectifying machines, ovens, etc. In 1968, the first Oil seal spring coiling and joining machines were purchased, this type of spring then becoming the most important part of our production.

In 1989, the company moved to its present location at Torrrent Estadella street nº42-44, plant nº 8 in Barcelona, in order to have more space; and its computerization was started in order to improve the production process and so be able to meet the requirements of our clients.

In 1991 and 1992, in response to the demands of our clients, a quality management system was established, the first quality manual being written and statistic process control (SPC), self-control standards and final product manufacturing registers being set into operation.


spring factory in 1980





spring factory in 1980


In 1994, we began to acquire Wafios numerical control machines for the manufacture of oil seal springs. In the same year, we began to withdraw the oldest machinery and, with the aim of improving our products, processes, quality control, calibration, etc., diverse new machines were acquired and installed—oiling machine for the antirust protection of springs, oven for computer controlled stabilization, length and weight standards and measures, 8X magnification microscopes for production and 50X for metrology, computer terminals in the production area—the infrastructure of the factory was improved, etc.

In 1998, with the collaboration of external advisors, the company permanently introduced a quality management and assurance system and obtained the ISO 9002:1994 certificate. In 2002, an occupational hazards assessment was carried out, the premises being brought into line with current standards. In 2003, the computer management programme was updated, a network was set up with Windows 2000 server and the quality system was revised in order to adapt it to the requirements of the new ISO 9001:2000 standard.
In 2005, the first machine vision system was installed with the aim of eventually verifying 100% of production.
In 2006, two more machines were installed: one for closing springs and another machine vision system.
In 2007, another machine vision system was installed, thereby practically fulfilling our aim of verifying 100% of production.

In response to the demands of our clients, in 2008, we installed a machine for the manufacture of compression and torsion springs with a thread diameter of up to 3mm.
At Molles Ramgues we are constantly investing in order to supply a quality product and solve the possible problems of our clients.


springs machines


vision spring machines





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